Online Piano Lesson

  I have taught over three hundred piano students in a studio setting before I starting realizing the potential of online live piano lesson. My two nieces lives in Connecticut while I live in Massachusetts. It is course impossible for them to commute every week for the piano lesson, so we use the program Skype to conduct lessons.  We set the computers at the near the piano, so I could see the who piano and their hands during lesson. At first I was skeptical, but after two years, they really are making progress! My older niece, Charlotte, with my online teaching, passed the piano exam given by the Royal School of Music in Britain, the largest piano exam in the world, last year (3rd grade). This year, both Charlotte and Arianna (the younger one) passed (4th grade and first grade, prospectively).  

With the advancement of technology, online piano lesson is possible, connecting suitable teachers and students who otherwise would not be able to develop a learning relationship.

   Lily Yeh has been offering online piano lessons through facetime, Skype, Line, and other web app, with great success. If you have trouble finding a suitable piano teacher in your area, consider online piano lessons, who can connect you to very experienced, very capable, and very compatible teachers who night  happens to live hundreds or thousands of miles away. 

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Teaching my student how to play "Faded" from thousands of miles away
Online demonstration of "how to play the James Bond Theme"