Stage fright, performance anxiety, and soothing your child before his or her performance

Performing on stage could be a very difference experience from one child to another. Some child loves attention and thrives on stage. For many other, it was a mixed feeling of excitement and terror. If your child experience anxiety symptoms before going on stage, it is perfectly normal. Here are some tips to help smooth your children and help them be the best they could be on stage.

1.Take care of the logistics of the concert, so that your children do not have to worry about anything other than given his or her best on the stage. Pack their music for them, and pack anything that will help your children feel calm and happy during the concert. I have seen in piano competition where the young performers hold tight to their teddy bears or toy bunnies before they have to go on stage to play Mozart. 
2.Plan early so that on the day of the concert, you don’t have to rush out the door and race through traffic to get to the concert. If you are panicking trying to get everything ready right before the concert, your children will sense your anxiety and absorb that anxiety. If you are calm and collected, it would help your child feel that way, too.
3.Encourage a good performance. Don’t demand one. Even if a child can play a song perfectly at home and at teachers’ piano studio, he or she could still screw up on stage. It is just the way it is. Before they perform, encourage them to do their best, but afterwards, if a child is upset that he or she screws up on stage, it is very important that you let them understand that even the best pianists play wrong notes on the stage. I have seen or heard many world famous concert pianists play plenty of wrong notes on stage, and people still enjoy their music! Just because a child makes mistakes on stage does not mean he or she is a failure!
4.Show them you are proud of them. Our children have been working long and hard on this. Wouldn’t it increase the chance that they will work long and hard on something worthwhile, if you show them how proud you are of their hard work?

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