Hi Mrs. Smith,

Jenny made a lot of progress this week. Her tempo (the speed of music) is better. Her control of the dynamics (the loudness or softness of music) improved. Even her hand position is more correct. You mentioned that you were concerned she was lifting up her unused fingers while playing. While it is true that ideally, one should keep all the fingers even and move them in the most efficient way, it takes years to reach that ideal. At this point, what she should keep in mind is to keep her palm round, and keep the fingers curled.

Her assignment of this week would be:

1.warm-up. Add the playing of C major scale to her routine. Scale playing is going to be very important for her to develop technique.

2.Alfred. Practice “a friend like you” “horse sense” “my robot” and “rocking tune.”

3.Suzuki. Practice song number nine on page 22.

4.Hanon. Start practicing “steamboat.”

5.Theory book. I have been doing the exercises with her. Now I think she is ready to do them on her own. Do the exercises on p. 12.



Sample Lesson Report

I empahsize communications between the instructor, the student, and the parent(s), That's why I write lesson reports to parents who could not come to the piano lessons with their child, to inform them of the child's progress. Here is a sample of it.
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